The Swipe

Stringed Instrument Cleaning Kit

Quite simply, the world's most effective, chemical free, string and instrument cleaner


The Swipe works on ALL stringed instruments.

Each pack contains a microfibre polishing cloth and our brilliant patented Swipe string and fret cleaner, all in a handy resealable foil pouch!

  Save tone



Save tone  

save tone


Removes corrosive, sound deadening sweat & grime

Chemical and oil free  

chemical and oil free


Protect sound and your instrument's lacquer

Save Money  

save money


Makes strings last up to 5 times longer

Save effort  

save effort


Quickly cleans the surface & underneath of strings


Alister Atkin, of Atkin Guitars says:

''I got involved as a business partner in 'The Swipe' because after years
of using it, and supplying it with my guitars, I found it to be quite simply
the best string cleaner available, and so do my customers!'
Alister Atkin

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